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New Dining Table & Chairs

Just purchased a dining table set off of Swip Swap, expecting delivery this evening. 🙂 Looking forward to my next project –


I am going to reupholster the chairs in a bright and happy fabric, stain it dark walnut, then give it a whitewashed finish. Add some trim to the base and a farmhouse top. And build a coordinating bench/settee for against the wall – Something like this…


That’s the plan anyways… Here are the fabric options I am debating on as well –

I am off to Jo-Ann Fabrics to go and find something fun! It helps they always have awesome coupons. 🙂 50% off any cut by the yard fabric…

UPDATE – So the 2 fabrics that I chose are not offered on the website. I chose a beautiful blue and white pattern (which is the one I am going to be using on the dining table project) and a burlap and silver material. (Which the two chairs that will not be in the dining room will be upholstered with.)

I will be using the floral fabric for the seat cushion, as well as the back material on the reverse side.  The back on the front will be a plain white, and I may add some tacks for accenting…

Many people tell me when I say I want the cushions white – “But you have kids” – I know. But if you properly seal the fabric it will be protected from spills and child accidents. 🙂

  See Pretty Handy Girl’s post here where she uses sealant on her fabric. 🙂

Want to see more about this dining sets progress – Part 2



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