Furniture Remodels

Staples, Staples and, well, more STAPLES! 

Last night I got motivated to remove the upholstery from the dining rooms chairs. Or, rather, from one chair. There are SO MANY STAPLES.

My hands hurt from twisting the flat head screw driver to pry them out. 😕

I removed the cushion first. That was easy. It was held down in the corners by 4 screws.

Next came the back. I didn’t know where to start with this one, so a little help from the tutorial on Miss Mustard Seeds website led me in the right direction. (THANK YOU!)

You guessed it. Staples! The first set of staples was between the piping surrounding the cushion.


After this was removed – more staples holding on the front fabric….

Remove these staples –

And more staples holding the foam pad in place. Removed these staples…

And yet MORE staples holding on the back material. Lol.

Now I have a chair ready for sanding and paint. Only 6 more to go. Lol


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