A little bit about me…

Ashley Reynolds



First and Foremost, I am a mother to two AMAZING children. Kylie and Michael.  Kylie just turned 5, and Michael will be 3 so soon. It is all passing so fast….

I come from a creative family – My grandmother (Mimi) was a bakery owner for decades. Growing up I used to watch her create some of the most beautiful towering bridal cakes. (it was a plus that she always rolled up the cake tops for me to eat).

So it has become a natural attraction for me to build things with my hands. I have dabbled in it all. I was a Jewelry designer and maker for many years before the birth of my daughter Kylie. I went to trade school and learned carpentry skills, plumbing and metal fabrication. Been an apprentice for a master electrician. And currently, full time I work in the Automotive Service Industry. I’ve just about covered all of my bases. 🙂

Pinterest is my safe haven. I am a self proclaimed addict and I love looking at all the different crafts that people create. They provide so many ideas!

So, this brings me to now. I am starting my own blog.

Newly divorced – (last year) – and in my new home – I am starting my life over. And I am looking forward to all the things I will create while I am here, and look forward to sharing all the moments of my life with you. I hope you will join me and learn with me.

-Ashley Reynolds