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My First Experience with a Mail Order Clothing stylist…Less than Ideal

I love the idea of your own stylist sending tailored outfits to your home for you to try on and  keep what you love. It is a brilliant Idea. Some companies are better than others…I’m learning from experience…

Although my first experience with it was less than Ideal. – I started by trying Trunk Club first, which I did not know was associated with Nordstroms. (Which I have no issue with at all…) I informed my stylist that if I was to be paying reasonable amounts of money for the clothing, they needed to be for work. (My out of work clothes I do not spend a lot on at all).

I requested closed toe shoes – because I work in the automotive service field, and I frequently am walking through the shop, and sandals and open tow are not permitted. No jeans, as I can not wear them to work. I also provided my sizes – I am a size 2 in the waist, 4 pants and small top.

When the package arrived I was VERY excited to be getting new clothes to try on. I opened the box to a pair of boot cut jeans (which were adorable and fit really well) – for $114.00. (I can’t wear them to work…)



There were also a couple of shift dresses. They were not fitted to me at all, and appeared as though someone had cut a hole in a pillow case and stuffed it over my head. 😦

A couple of other shirts, which were cute but hung funny on me, as I am smaller and not busty at all…

A pair of open toe maroon booties. (Open toe? Now I am getting the impression that I was not listened to at all) They were cute – for $120 – I’m currently on a budget and can not spend this much for non-work attire.


And a couple of sweater jackets….They showed a pants jump suit that I did not receive. It was just another Sweater Jacket…I live in Florida… 😦

Needless to say, I was not happy. I did not want to loose the 25$ that I spent to have the items sent out to me, although there was nothing in this assortment that I had ANY interest in keeping.

I sent everything back, and cancelled my membership there. It would not be so bad if they sent me items I had asked for, and made it seem like they tried. But it was everything I did NOT ask for.

I have also just tried Stitch Fix, because I decided to give this another try. And I was so Happy that I did. 🙂 I’ll be posting on Stitch Fix next



Amazing cardboard playhouse

Strolling on Pinterest – (as per usual) – I came across this post from Tales of a Monkey, a Bit, and a Bean for THE COOLEST indoor cardboard play house. I had to share!


I am most certainly going to attempt to make something like this (Batman and BatGirl Themed of Course) for my little rug rats. 🙂

I am sure that i can scrounge up the cardboard that I need to create it, then paint it cool colors. Too bad it will have to wait until I have completed all the real house furniture in the meantime… 😦

Check out her page for tons of cool ideas for you and the little ones!