Making a Fondant Character Cake

When my daughter turned 3. She was at that age where she gets really excited about things and is super interactive – and she LOVES Frozen.

I scoured through Pinterest trying to find ideas for her Frozen party – and I came across this beautiful and amazing cake from

img_2244 Frozen cake

So I decided I am going to attempt to create this beautiful marvel for our Daughter – with no experience. 😳 I’ve never worked with fondant and didn’t know what many of the items were on the recipe list.

I went out and purchased –

4 boxes of cake mix – chocolate & vanilla
4 boxes of Wilton’s buttercream frosting mix
Box if sugar ice cream cones
Gel food coloring – sky blue, leaf green & brown
Food spray mist – purple & silver
Icing/glaze – 1 tub
Tub clear piping gel
Star tip #18
Tip # 1 & #2
Disposable frosting bags
Package of couplers for tips
Butter – lots of butter
It also states Fondant – but has anyone priced Fondant?!? It’s 10$/lb and I needed 5 lbs. YIKES! So I also found a recipe for marshmallow Fondant. 😊 and made all I needed for about 4$.

Blue Dyed Marshmallow Fondant

Fondant –

Bag of high quality mini marshmallows
2 lb bag confection sugar
Lemon extract
Shortening (for your hands and to grease surfaces)
Kylie’s birthday party was Sunday – so Saturday I started baking.

I made 2- 6β€³ cakes, 2 – 8β€³ and 3 – 10β€³ cakes. Some chocolate, some white, and I added food coloring to the batter to make fun Frozen colors.

After all the cakes are baked, I assembled them by size. Stacked the 3 – 10β€³ cakes with frosting between each layer, the 2 – 8β€³ and 2 – 6β€³ cakes. All with buttercream frosting as the glue. Frosted around all sized tiers with buttercream frosting awaiting Fondant.

Cakes are stacking up and awaiting Fondant!

Next – I made the fondant.

  1. Put a large glass bowl into a pan so it becomes a double boiler and turn on the burner to medium heat.
  2. Dump in the bag of marshmallows – about 20oz.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of water.
  4. Stir occasionally until smooth.
  5. Once smooth remove from heat and add 1/2 the bag of confection sugar, one cap full of lemon extract (cuts down on the sweetness) and food coloring if wanted. Mix with a spoon.
  6. Once well blended, spread a handful of powdered sugar onto your work surface (I used a large greased pie bowl – easier clean up) and spoon mixture in. Cover with more powdered sugar.
  7. Grease your hands and start kneading the mixture. Continue adding more powdered sugar as needed until it becomes dough like and no longer sticky.
  8. Wrap in Saran Wrap and put aside until ready – or if you are ready – roll out dough a section of fondant to about the thickness of a dime. Make sure it is large enough to cover all sides of the cake.
  9. I wrapped the fondant onto the rolling pin and used that to help me lay it on the cake. Starting with the three lower 10β€³ cakes. Then cover the 8β€³ cakes and put on top – off to the size of the previous stack. And lastly the 6β€³ cakes. They’re not perfect, but you’ll be covering the rough edges with glaze. 😁

    For the step by step on how to decorate – please visit the page on πŸ™‚


    Not bad for a first attempt. πŸ˜„