Furniture Builds, Master Bedroom

Loving these Night Stands!

My bedroom is currently a blank slate. The walls are a Blue/Gray, nice and neutral. And I am on the hunt for inspiration on where to go with it next. Found images of these side tables on Pinterest – And I am in LOVE! I wonder where I can find this hardware?


I have grand plans for my relaxation space. It just won’t be all that relaxing until it’s completed. LOL. I’ll be stressing about all the work ahead of me until it’s completion.

You can visit Popsugar by clicking the image and seeing the page. AMAZING! Definitely a future build for me.

And for hardware – 773199306207

Kind of in love with this drawer pull ring….. Found it at Lowes. 🙂 I think this is going to be a great project for me. 🙂