Furniture Remodels, Michael's Room

Michael’s Bedroom Makeover

I love this house. But starting from scratch is hard. I want to do something fun for my little boy, Michael, and he is absolutely obsessed with batman!

I already had a little tykes blue race car bed, which I have just painted black with silver wheels. (I wanted them to be more chrome colored, but they didn’t turn out that way. They’re still cool though.)

Little tykes race car redo – Soon to be BATMAN mobile

I am going to put a creative batman symbol on the front and create some great artwork pieces for around his walls. 😬

On the back wall, I am planning on stenciling out a city skyline on plywood, and mount it about and inch from the wall and add led lighting. In my mind it all looks amazing. Hoping the finished product comes out as good!


This is the the master plan, and over the next week, we shall see how it comes out. Stay posted.